The “Association” began in 1987 when a handful of lake shore property owners, passionate about the quality of the lake and its future, came together to form the Hand Lake Association with the intent to protect, preserve and maintain the pristine lake for now and future generations. They realized that lake associations represent the first line of defense for protecting the water quality and ecological integrity of a lake. Hay Lake later joined with Hand Lake and the association became the Hand-Hay Lakes Association.

Lake associations serve a variety of valuable functions. They may monitor the condition of the lake, develop lake management plans, and educate shore land property owners about individual and collective actions to protect the lake, or network with other lake associations to learn from their experiences. They can work with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) to improve fish habitat or stock fish, get permits for aquatic plant removal, or maintain the lake access. They can also provide volunteers to assist in lake and watershed projects, such as revegetating shorelines or monitoring water quality.

An important function of a lake association is to serve as the organized voice for its membership with township and county government and as the watchdog for enforcement of local ordinances.

Sometimes, a lake association forms to solve a particular problem, such as an infestation of the aquatic nuisance species Eurasian water milfoil, unwanted development, poor water quality, or water level concerns.

You are encouraged to join and support the Hand Hay Lakes Association. Current membershsip dues are $15.00.There is an obligation to owning property on a public lake and the lake association helps you to fulfill that obligation. The more members we have the more good we can do. A substantial membership makes our voice stronger when requesting DNR or county assistance. Your dues help to fund: actions to preserve lake quality, provide a newsletter and a website, provide lake and community activities, such as a general meeting, boat parade, picnics, and shore & road clean-up. It also funds walleye stocking, tree planting initiative, and other actions.

Even if you choose to not be a dues paying member, fill out the membership form to receive the free newsletter and keep up with other news and events affecting our lakes. Just click on the link below to download the membership form, fill it out and mail it back to the address on the form.

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About the Hand-Hay Lakes property owners association